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Milwaukee Power Tools – 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest

A.W. Meyer is hosting the 33rd Oc-tool-Berfest and has some fantastic offers ONLY available thru our vendor Milwaukee. Visit their booth and checkout Hand Tools, M12 Heavy Duty, M18 Heavy Duty, Heated Jackets and more only at the 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest.  #milwaukeetools #M12 #M18 #handtools #awmeyer#ridgefield #octoolberfest

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Visit the DeWalt Booth at the 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest

A.W. Meyer 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest is going on now. Swing by the DeWalt Booth for exclusive raffles that happening only at the DeWalt Booth. Make sure to stop by and ask a DeWalt rep to find out more about participation.. #DeWalt#flexvolt #battery #awmeyer #octoolberfest

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Armstrong Industrial Hand Tools – 33rd Oc-tool-berfest

Right as you enter the A.W. Meyer 33rd Octoolberfest you’ll find industrial hand tools from Gear Wrench to Crescent Wrench at the Armstrong Booth and Demo Van. Only at A.W.Meyer Oc-Tool-Berfest October 6th, 7th, 8th. # Armstrong #apextoolgroup #awmeyer #octoolberfest #industrialhandtools

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A.W. Meyer 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest Circular

Getting ready to attend the A.W. Meyer 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest? Please download this year’s 33rd Oc-TOOL-Berfest flyer right here: Check-out all the great sales to be had at this years event.

Download Our 33rd Oc-Tool-Berfest Circular

We look forward to having you at the show!

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32nd Annual Oc-TOOL-Berfest begins today!

OcTOOLberfest begins today! A three day tool show at A.W. Meyer featuring over 75 manufacturers with SHOW ONLY DEALS, professional tool demos, free giveaways to enter, its New Jersey’s #1 Tool Event! Come join us! ‪#‎Awmeyer #‎contractors ‪#‎toolshow‬ ‪#‎ridgefield‬ ‪#‎newjersey‬ #octoolberfest

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